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I love to make ceramics for everyday life and special moments, natural and beyond technique ... giving room for food, flowers and memories ... for all seasons of nature and life ... on your table, in your kitchen, interior or garden. 

Most of my work is wheel thrown. For non-round  shapes I use a slab roller. I mix my clay and make my own glazes, based on raw materials and inspired by old craftmanship. I fire on high temperature in a reduction atmosphere to create interesting textures, colors, glaze patterns and strength. All of my work is made in my own studio in Amsterdam.

Each piece is unique, made and signed by me. I want to make timeless quality and I'm always searching for the perfect balance between beauty & function in contemporary design.  

You can visit my studio & shop on the outskirts of Amsterdam North, near by the distinctive, typical Dutch countryside of Waterland, where I live and work with my husband André  in a dyke house with a great shop, studio and garden. 

In this webshop I present a small, special  selection of my ceramics for those who are not able to visit my ceramic studio in Amsterdam. 

Welcome, enjoy and thanks for visiting!